We have downloaded the receptor binding protein domain of Omicron variant from protein S(spike) obtained at Colby Ford github.

Doctor Colby Ford have used an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to predict the shape of the protein. Using AI to discover protein structures breakthrough of year 2021 according to Science magazine

We have download Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCN) natural products from Taiwan TCN database

We have made the molecular docking at swissdock

We have studied another virus protein named main protease because PFIZEr have discovered a new anticovid drug called nirmaterlvin.WE download a the protein whith PDB code 7SI9 consisting of the main protease of the virus bound to the drug nirmatrelvin .THe followin image is optain by ChimeraX:

In the 7SI9 pdb sequence of 307 aminoacids, the more important are cysteine 145 and histidine 41 because are a sicors principal protease. All the proteins are 20 differents aminoacids.

There are only 20 different aminoacids in all living organisms from virus to humans producing thausend of proteins because evry protein contain handred of aminoacids togeder.